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forcing people to listen to my music when I’m driving



Leetle baby



My cat loves watching the water fill up in the bathtub and now he’s refused to leave.


The Evil Dead - Sam Raimi’s low budget camera rigs

I never, ever post stuff like this, but it could help save a puppy and who doesn’t love puppies?


So a girl I went to high school with found this 4 month old puppy with a fractured leg. She’s really hoping to raise the $1,200 for the surgery, but if not, it’ll be $600 to amputate the leg. If at least $600 isn’t raised, they will unfortunately have to put him down.

She has until tomorrow morning, March 21, to raise the money and so far there’s only about $400.

Even if you can’t afford to donate, please signal boost this!

Click here to donate!

It Happened One Night (1934) dir. Frank Capra



Glassware can get pretty expensive especially if you’re in college and always getting sht faced and breaking your glasses. Start just using your empty beer bottles and turning them into your new glasses. Look dope, easy to make and cheap! Follow these 5 easy steps.

Step 1 – Grab a beer bottle preferably with thick glass such as corona bottles. Tie a string just above the label on the empty bottle

Step 2 – Keep the string tied and soak it in lighter fluid.

Step 3 – Put the string back on the bottle and hold it horizontally. Light the sting rotating the bottle so the flame spreads. You should hear the bottle crack slightly in about 10 seconds.

Step 4 – After you hear the crack, pour cold water on the string and the top of the bottle will fall off.

Step 5 – Now grab sandpaper and sand the edges of the bottle till it is smooth.

Reblogging so that I remember to do this with all the excess alcohol bottles I have lying around.

website: You have to be over the age of 18 to enter this site.
me: haha lol yeah sure i am *clicks*
me: wait i'm 20 years old
Me everytime I'm like how will I get alcohol....wait I'm 21


i just fucking wanted the one